There is hope…see our outdoor activity ideas for kids below!

If your child is like many others, they’d rather be curled up on the couch with a video game than outside playing. Does the scene below look familiar? Are you looking for outdoor activity ideas for kids?

Couch Potato plays video games

We are dedicated to helping parents get kids more active, and more interested in the outdoors. And why are we on this mission? As she was growing up, Shelley Gillespie – the author of Hiking for the Couch Potato Kid – was a couch potato. And while she wasn’t so much into video games, her sedentary lifestyle led her down a path towards poor health and often resulted in ridicule from her classmates and even teachers. We’ve all seen the studies that children do better in school when they have a chance to spend time outdoors, running, playing and observing. One reason is that it gives their minds a chance to develop better, through creative play.

So, we’ve embarked on a mission to help parents, teachers, mentors and others charged with child development, show kids the value of playing outdoors and give them some insight on what they have been missing. For parents, this could a great, new way to find fun (and healthy) activities to do with your kids. Imagine the world you can explore with your child and the bond you will form with them as you discover new things together.


Kids explore with parents

Imagine what you and your child can learn together!

Kids need fresh air

Fresh air is paramount to child health









Is it an Epidemic?

There’s no doubt that childhood obesity is a becoming an international issue, but how big is the problem? Many experts have linked bad diets and the lack of activity to the astounding increases in childhood obesity, a problem that has almost become an epidemic. A recent trip to the Grand Canyon gave me a first-hand look at the problem. The gift shop manager at the El Tovar, the main hotel that literally sits on the rim of the Grand Canyon, pointed out kids that were sitting in the lobby, playing video games. You can imagine my dismay knowing that just a few short steps across the parking lot was one of the most beautiful and most visited natural attractions in the world!


Take Action Parents, You Can Do Something About It!

Change the world – or at least your child’s world! Give your child a new view of the world outdoors – let them use their inquisitive minds and get some exercise.

Hiking is one possibility. Getting them to explore the other creatures that share earth with them is another. Bugs – Eww? – No – ooh! – aah! (That includes butterflies and all the other amazing creatures that outnumber humans.) Who knows, they might find a career – or at least appreciate more of the universe! And another benefit – their thumbs won’t get tired from playing video games.


We Can Help!

Hiking for the Couch Potato Kids

A fun children’s guide to exploring the great outdoors!

Hiking for the Couch Potato Kid: Birds, Bugs, Butterflies and Other Beasties is a guidebook filled with fun, interactive outdoor activities for kids – geared for four to eight-year-olds.

Open up your child’s imagination as the Couch Potato Kid helps them learn about the world, from the clouds and sky to the plants and creatures they can see. This full-color guide is filled with illustrations and images that will tap your child’s senses and help them truly “see” the world around them.

Go on the trail with them and share in their joy as they discover wonderful new things. They will never even know that, in the end, they will be healthier (and you will too)!


Share Your Adventures – We Want to Hear!

Visit the Hiking Adventures section of our blog and learn about fun hikes the Couch Potato has been on. Then tell us – or better yet, have your kids tell us about their adventures by commenting. It’s easy to comment and there is a lot of information about adventurous hikes, trail information, even healthy recipes and any other things we’ve found helpful in our quest to get healthy and encourage others to do the same!