Help Children Become More Active with our Outdoor Activity Ideas for Kids!

If you are entrusted with educating or mentoring children, you know that the challenge is often keeping up with them! If you are looking for outdoor activity ideas for kids, we can help.

Inquisitive child peeking out door

Children are naturally inquisitive, but the advent of technology and video games tends to glue children to their desks or couches. The children don’t get enough exercise. They don’t have the opportunity to explore. This vicious cycle prevents kids from having the experiences of previous generations.

  • Do you remember climbing trees and looking at the world from a different perspective?
  • As a child, did you pick some fruits from a tree or vegetables from the field?
  • Did you have the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood, observing and examining bugs or butterflies?
  • Did you see houses being built, smell the ozone after a rain, just walk down the street and think about a bird flying?

Kids today don’t get these experiences to use their senses and explore since they are often shuttled to and from school, then to other activities, then home for dinner, homework and bed.


What Can We Do?

Educators can challenge children to think about the world around them! They will learn so much with their powers of observation using their inquisitive minds!

Venture Court Productions and the “Original Couch Potato” are available to provide workshops to get kids thinking again about the elements of the world and the relationships between the different creatures. Our children’s book, Hiking for the Couch Potato Kid: Birds Bugs, Butterflies and Other Beasties offers outdoor activity ideas for kids and was created to help kids become more active by exploring the world around them. It is also one of the primary tools we use during our workshops to guide the child’s experience and give them a place to record their adventure. We can integrate the different elements of the curriculum with the amazing things children can learn by spending a few minutes observing outdoors and getting active.

Please consider us your new partner for interactive workshops that get children involved. We will also get them active, moving around as they explore. The workshops are most suitable for grades kindergarten through grade 3, but they can be adapted for younger or older groups.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How the Earth’s creatures and humans get along
  • How animals are different – and the same – as humans
  • The diversity of life on Earth
  • Our weather and the part it plays in our everyday lives
  • Using your five senses to examine the world

Find out more about our interactive workshops today!