National Wellness Week – a reminder to get healthier

Posted by on Mar 18, 2012 in Healthy Living, Motivation | No Comments

With National Wellness Week (March 19-25), Couch Potato wants to make it a year-round event for everyone and those they love!

Here are some ideas to get started:

(Do one or more.)

1. Start with what you do as you get out of bed! Think positive thoughts about how your day will be.

2. Do a short exercise routine – before you even leave the bed. Wiggle and rotate each foot and hand.  Bring your knees to your chest.

3. Smile! (Smiling uses less muscles than frowning and it makes you look so good!)

4. Once you are up, if you have time, do a short yoga or stretching routine.  Be peaceful with it – no jolting movements.

5. Have breakfast! —

I know, I never seemed to have time for breakfast, either.  But I usually was starved by mid-morning.  Not a good way to fuel your body.  Try eating something like eggs, yogurt, or a high fiber cereal. Try stevia to sweeten things – no calorie, natural sweetener.

6. Prep some crunchy items to bring with you to eat instead of empty, sugary calories.  Carrots, celery, fruit.  Ah, Ambrosia apples – crunchy, juicy and sweet!

More ideas to be posted tomorrow…