Enjoy healthy hiking in the heat – and other options for healthy activities

Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Healthy Living, Motivation | No Comments

Summer season starts with Memorial Day weekend and it is oh-so-easy to indulge in the many feasts with the extra calories and poundage that can add. In the heat of summer it is still possible to have a healthy hiking experience!

What can you do to preempt the pounds?

1) Get up a little early and walk while the temperature is still temperate – or bearable.

2) Taste a little of what you like. Savor the flavor.

3) Use smaller plates, which give the illusion of more food.

4) Organize excursions which involve walking or other active efforts. Even a walk in a mall – with them paying for the A/C- can give you some time to exercise.

5) Join a gym and seek refuge from the heat while you exercise. You might even meet new friends.

6) When you cook, put some of the food away in the freezer for future meals. That will keep it from being too accessible for nibbling.

7) Try some yoga – a kinder, gentler, but good meditative exercise that stretches and limbers you up!

8) Swimming is also a great, cooling exercise.

Healthy hiking is possible in the heat of summer – and the strategies we’ve suggested will help you stay healthy!