Original Couch Potato Visits Big Idaho Potato

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Couch Potato Meets Spuddy Buddy

The Big Idaho Potato is traveling across the country in celebration of the 75th year of the Idaho Potato Commission, and the “Original” Couch Potato just had to be on hand to join the celebration! Even more fun, was the introduction of the Hiking Couch Potato to Spuddy Buddy, the official mascot of the Idaho Potato Commission.

Hiking Potato gathering

Hiking Couch Potato meets the Big Idaho Potato, Spuddy Buddy and Friends

While visiting the giant spud, the “Original” Couch Potato also met the people who are accompanying the potato on its 7-month journey. Among those involved were Kaiti Frickey, who had heard about the opportunity to join the Big Potato via Craig’s List, and her friend, Ellis Nanney, who was also chosen from among the many candidates who applied. Paul Humbracht, their driver, was also there, chosen because of his ability to manage media relations and handle the miles of driving.

Couch Potato asked the three what was most exciting about their cross-country journey.  Kaiti mostly enjoyed “interacting with people and …seeing the ‘doubletakes’” on the part of people who saw the giant spud.   Her favorite potatoes are those she has for breakfast, since she loves breakfast – “Hashbrowns, with scrambled eggs, and with salsa” are her “faves.”

Ellis, a recent college graduation, really enjoys the travel. Having backpacked around Europe, his favorite potato recipe is a Spanish variety that involves potatoes, onions, and eggs cooked and flipped like a pancake – and served sandwich-style.  After the long journey is over, he plans to continue his travels by backpacking in South America.

Paul was handling the 3-4 hours of driving per day, but was looking forward to seeing his 7-year-old son, who was not able to fly out to visit.

The Big Idaho Potato and its wranglers were gracious and friendly – and planned to blog about the visit.  Their next stop, after a day in Phoenix, is Las Vegas. As for the “Original” Couch Potato and the Hiking Couch Potato, we are headed back to Maricopa after the visit, planning to continue spreading the word about healthy eating and getting active through various workshops she is offering to corporations, schools, camps, organizations, and libraries.

To learn more about the Big Idaho Potato, visit them on their official website – http://www.bigidahopotato.com/ – or become a fan on Facebook. We did!