What’s a Couch Potato hike?

If you’ve been a Couch Potato, we’ll assume that you are not – instantly – planning a 20-mile hike with major uphill components.

Time to set the ground rules:

When we say it is worthy of a Couch Potato, our hikes would mostly be level, with possibly one or two rises where you might wind up doing a little panting. But, for the most part, they should be easy! (The good thing about going up is that you usually also get to go down, which feels like fun and always seems to take less time than up.)

The emphasis of a Couch Potato hike would be a place where the path is obvious and the views are in some way interesting. If there’s not much to see, there’s less motivation to keep going.
Sometimes, however, you might need to push yourself, just to get some exercise. That’s when you might just walk along a street or around the block. It might not be inspiring, but it qualifies as exercise.

Frances Short Pond – along the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS – that might have you FUTSING)

There’s also another thing we’ve noticed about Couch Potato hikes – the return trip always seems shorter. Sometimes, regrettably, the speedier return is because you are rushing and don’t take the time to look around.

So, Couch Potatoes! Savor the experience. It is amazing what you might see – a duck, a pond, an old interesting building, flowers in bloom. You’ll never know unless you look around!

Bird enjoying a visit to a blooming saguaro in South Mountain Park, Phoenix, Arizona