Overcoming hiking fears

Yesterday at my book signing (Great event – met a lot of interesting people!), I met a man who said he was really afraid of hiking.  He kept hearing about people having to be rescued.

Overcoming hiking fears can be an easy thing if you use the following suggestions:

1) If you are new to hiking or , with any level of experience, you are unfamiliar with a trail, look the trail up online!

Choose hikes that you can handle.  Most hikes will be rated easy, moderate or strenuous.  If they are mostly flat and level, they would be easy.  Also, look for trails that are shorter and in developed areas.

2) Hike with someone else or a group, if at all possible.

3) Before you begin a hike, check out the weather.  Don’t start if there are severe weather warnings.  Wait until things clear or choose another day.

4) Before you leave to go hiking, let someone else know where you’re going and when you plan to be back. (At the end of your hike, remember to call the other person to let them know you’re fine – just a courtesy!)

5) Bring a cell phone, but remember that in some remote areas, cell phone service is sketchy.

6) Bring enough water for the duration of the hike – per person.

7) Bring a small, portable snack.  We like Clif Bars and Larabars or a homemade trail mix or healthful snack.

8) Wear proper hiking boots to protect your feet with thick, cushiony hiking socks. (I’ve talked about this in another blog. See - http://bit.ly/11d1DZZ)

9) If possible, review the trail head maps and any postings that tell of trail closures and obstacles.

10) Enjoy yourself while viewing nature!

You can have a good time hiking!

Overcoming hiking fears is simple:  Be prepared!

Don’t let the frantic news stories of people who have usually not prepared and wind up needing help deter you from hiking.

From being a couch potato, I transitioned to someone who loves hiking and the natural sights along the way.

Overcoming hiking fears can be achieved- and the rewards are enormous – a chance to expand your mind and stretch your body!

A short walk/hike down to river level gave us the opportunity to see these falls – a great reward for not that much effort! We were within view of “civilization” the entire time on the Big Island of Hawaii.