7 Things to Know about Choosing Hiking Boots

After a recent foray to find new hiking boots, the Couch Potato would like to share the following, so others don’t make the same mistakes she did previously!

1. Don’t be in a rush. You’re going to be wearing these boots on the trail for a while. Comfort is everything!
2. Look for boots that are at least a ½ size larger than your normal shoe size. Your feet will appreciate it!
3. Find the right shoe for your purpose. If you don’t go snow hiking, don’t get that type of boot.
4. Make sure boots don’t hurt – anywhere! No pinching, rubbing, tightness. They won’t get better later!
5. Allow the width of your thumb inserted sideways at the back of your heel when the boot is fully laced.
6. Adjust laces so boots are snug, without cutting off circulation. Go straight up instead of crossing laces, if that works better.
7. Walk around A LOT in boots before you buy. Go down ramps, pivot, walk! Like relationships – be happy, not sorry, before committing!

New hiking boot for the Couch Potato – Oboz – water resistant and fits like a glove.

Ric at REI in Tempe, Arizona is the pro who inspired this list. I am now the proud owner of the new brand – Oboz – for my new boots.

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