Recipes for the Trail

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Getting ready for a Couch Potato Hike with Easy Trail Recipes

This section of our website features many easy-to-make recipes for the trail. After all, you don’t want to be in the kitchen, you want to be on the trail!

Over the years, I have created and have been given many recipes that are perfect for the hiking Couch Potato.  A few key things I have learned is to ensure these snacks are portable, easily consumed (you won’t have a table to sit at on the trail), and always nutritious!  Of course, being the “Original” Couch Potato, these snacks are also delicious!

Each recipe includes the necessary ingredients (and sometimes suggestions for substitutions) and special instructions for taking it on the trail (you might have to keep it cool).  If you have comments or other suggestions for modifying the recipe, please take a moment to comment.

And, if you have some recipes that your fellow Couch Potatoes might enjoy, feel free to email them to - we’ll be sure to give you recognition!

Happy hiking and eating!