Of shoes, and ships…and healthy cabbage soup, that is

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Great, easy and healthy cabbage soup soup for the on-the-go hiker!

This low calorie soup is warm and filling. Courtesy of Joe Corinti, – a modified version of the “G.M. Wonder Soup”

Prep time is mostly just cutting things up.
The cooking does the rest:


1 head of cabbage – any size – cut the cabbage into quarters, rinse and then chop up
1 can (large or small) of tomatoes or 4 fresh tomatoes
2 celery stalks – chopped
1 small onion or 4 scallions – chopped up
1 quart of good chicken or vegetable broth (canned, packaged) or use bouillon cubes with water to equal 4 cups or Lipton Onion Soup mix with water required
Herbs,flavoring, Salt and pepper to taste (no sugar or sweeteners)

Optional: any other vegetables you like in whatever quantity you wish. I added broccoli, corn, garlic


While you are heating the broth or bouillon in a large pot or Dutch oven, chop everything up into bite-sized pieces that isn’t already small. You can use a food processor to speed the effort, but don’t process it too long. You want it to still have chunks and pieces.

Add all of the vegetable ingredients to the heated broth.

Heat on a low flame, covered, for about an hour until the cabbage is soft and the flavors have a chance to blend.

This soup tastes even better the second day.


Note: After trying the original recipe, I discovered that I did not like using a full bunch of celery. Once I only added two stalks, it was more to my liking. Feel free to adapt as you prefer.