Wishing Happy Holidays to all with an easy gravy recipe!

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My gift to everyone this year is an easy recipe for making gravy.  Shouldn’t life offer some gravy?

And, the gravy I’m suggesting is probably the most healthful you could have. (You will also find this recipe in the Couch Potato Community under Recipes For the Home)

An Easy Gravy Recipe

This is good for any kind of gravy – chicken, beef, ham, fish – or even vegetables.

Start with the drippings of a cooked protein source.  If there is fat, take the drippings, and put them in the freezer until the fat has congealed.  Once the fat is solidified, scoop it off and proceed.

1. Take the liquid you have saved and taste it.  If it needs more “oompf,” add some bouillon (either liquid or a cube, diluted with boiling water), and maybe a little tamari or soy sauce or whatever herbs, seasonings (salt, pepper) you like.

2. Heat the drippings and additions in a pot on the stove on a medium flame. When the liquids reach a slow boil, add the following: 1 teaspoon of corn starch per about 2 cups of pot liquid added to a little water, stir, and add slowly to the liquid.

3. Once the gravy is thickened, turn the heat down low until you are ready to serve it.

This gravy could be made for a non-meat item like tofu or vegetables with just the bouillon, seasonings, and cornstarch.