Visiting Bob’s Red Mill

Visiting Bob’s Red Mill recently was a fun experience!

Since the Couch Potato likes to learn about healthy food and activities, we took their hour tour of Bob’s Red Mill and even met Bob!  (More on that later.)

Bob's Red Mill's familiar sign at their processing plant near Portland Oregon

Tours are offered Monday through Friday at the Bob’s Red Mill plant in Oregon

We were able to see how Bob’s Red Mill processes their grains and how very clean their facility is kept.

For many years, they have believed that healthy food helps people be healthy, so they produce products they are proud of – and people can tell.

For people who have worries about eating gluten and who try to find gluten-free products, Bob’s Red Mill is a wonderful discovery for them. Gluten is a part of some grains – like wheat, barley, rye, and other grains – that can cause some people problems in digesting their food and even make them very ill.

The part of their facility that produces gluten-free – or “GF” foods is separated from the sections that produce products with gluten.

Clean and separate from other processing, Gluten free processing at Bob's Red Mill

While visiting Bob’s Red Mill, we could see (through a window) the very clean gluten free processing area

If you are trying to be healthy, whole grain products are the best kind because they have more of the nutrients available.  For example, it is better to eat brown rice, because it has more of the nutrients.  When brown rice has the bran stripped off, it gets rid of the B vitamins, which are very important for keeping our bodies health

Bob’s Red Mill grinds their products with old-fashioned grinding stones that allow the whole, healthy, grain to be turned to flours, cereals or other products (like pizza crusts).

Bob's Red Mill products as you might see them packaged for a store

Healthy and freshly ground Bob’s Red Mill products as you might see them ready for a store

When children are on the tour, they are given the chance to see what it is like to thresh the grain – to remove the seeds from the stalks – so the seeds can be ground to make the flour and other healthy food products. And, they give everyone who went on the tour a free sample!

Bob’s Red Mill ships to every supermarket chain in the United States and Canada and 70 other countries.

Bob of Bob’s Red Mill

The “Original Couch Potato,” Shelley Gillespie, was talking with Christy, the tour guide, after the tour was over.  She was so impressed with Christy’s knowledge and enthusiasm that she asked how she could tell Christy’s supervisor what a great job she did.  Who was her supervisor?

Christy, looking over to her right to a man with a red vest sitting on a bench, said, “He is!”

Bob posed with the Couch Potato and Roger

Visiting Bob’s Red Mill gave us a chance to meet Bob himself!

It was Bob, who kindly agreed to pose for a picture with Shelley and Roger Gillespie. Shelley had not seen Bob come down to the tour floor.  We all laughed and really enjoyed our visit to the Mill.

We also went to their store and café, where we had a healthful lunch that tasted great and were able to see a full array of Bob’s Red Mill products, cook books and souvenirs.

If you are in Milwaukie, Oregon near the Portland area, you will find visiting Bob’s Red Mill a fun experience!

Here is a healthy recipe:

Cooking Brown Rice

(Bob’s Red Mill offers brown rice and many other healthful grain products.)

Brown rice takes longer than white or instant rice to make, but it is healthier because it is the whole grain.

Takes 2 cups of water for every cup of brown rice you want to make.  Each cup of rice makes enough for 4 people.

1 cup Brown rice

2 cups of water

Start heating the water until it starts to boil.  Stir the rice into the water – once only – and when the water starts to bubble again, turn the flame to low and cover the pot.  Cook for about 45 minutes.

The trick to tell when the rice is cooked?  Open the lid and tilt the pot.  If the rice doesn’t slide and the water is all absorbed, it is about cooked.  Cover the pot with the flame off and let it sit to absorb just a little more moisture – then serve!

You can add seasonings or add the rice to another recipe, or add butter or oil (Olive oil is really good) and serve!

If you want to make it into a full meal, you can add pieces of meat, or some sauce and cheese – or many other things!

Be healthy and enjoy!