Couch Potato, Heathman Hotel & 50 Shades of Grey

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Couch Potato, Heathman Hotel  & 50 Shades of Grey converged for two evenings - for “Health at the Heathman Hotel,” in Portland, Oregon, the setting where bestseller, 50 Shades of Grey, is purportedly set.

During the evening when Gillespie was available to speak about health, people asked the Heathman Hotel’s librarian if the room we were standing near was where 50 Shades of Grey was set.  The staff is getting used to being asked those questions, but they do not know the 50 Shades’ author.

Being an author in the Heathman Library

The Heathman Hotel has a library that includes books from authors who have stayed in the hotel.  They will not accept a book for the over 3,000-volume library if an author has not stayed with them.  The library has been building for over 50 years.

Couch Potato at The Heathman Hotel - whose books are now in their library

Couch Potato was hosted by The Heathman Hotel and is now in their library

The books have original signatures from the authors, in some cases including caricatures and drawings by the authors.   World-famous authors have stayed at The Heathman Hotel and the library contains a “who’s who” of literary giants, including Don Freeman’s popular children’s book, Corduroy.  Joyce Carol Oates offered a talk a few weeks before the Couch Potato.

Gillespie, the Original Couch Potato, is proud to have been a guest of the Heathman Hotel and even prouder that copies of both Hiking for the Couch Potato and Hiking for the Couch Potato Kid are both now part of the Heathman’s library.

During her talk, Gillespie spoke briefly about the time people have in their days and suggests that some of that time be set aside for physical activity every day.

She also spoke about the need to drink sufficient water.  A good “rule of thumb” formula for the needed amount is based on a person’s weight.  If a person takes the number of pounds they weigh, divides that in half and calls number ounces, they would take that number of ounces and divide it by eight to know how many cups of water they should drink in a day.  Extensive exertion or a hot climate would require drinking even more.

Example:  A person who weighs 150 pounds. Half of that would be 75 – call that ounces.  Divide the 75 by 8 (ounces in a cup) = 9.375 cups of water a day.  (Not soda, not coffee, not sugary drinks – water.)

Couch Potato, Heathman Hotel & 50 Shades of Grey

Greeting visitors at The Heathman Hotel

From the moment you enter until the moment you leave, the staff at The Heathman Hotel provides exemplary service. The Original Couch Potato was hosted for a talk on “Health at the Heathman Hotel.” (The location where 50 Shades of Grey is set.)

Couch Potato stayed at The Heathman Hotel, setting for 50 Shades of Grey.  The Heathman staff does not know the 50 Shades of Grey author, as she may have registered under an assumed name.

If the 50 Shades of Grey author did stay at the Heathman, she would have found that the customer service at The Heathman Hotel is exemplary!  This Couch Potato recommends a stay to experience what old world service and food are like.  Every guest feels cherished and important! We asked for the feather pillows to be removed, since we have allergies, and they were glad to accommodate us.

Rooms are comfortably furnished and there is a welcome gift for each hotel guest.  There is also a nicely set up health facility on the premises with weights, machines, treadmills and the like for guests who do take exercise seriously.

The Hotel is so conveniently located that you can walk or take public transit to most of the major attractions like Powell’s Books, the Portland Public Library, the zoo, and almost everything!