Bird builds nest

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We feel fortunate that nature has made its home on our patio.  A bird has chosen to build its nest on a grill gadget.  Two eggs are in the nest and the beige-colored bird has been nesting for days now.  It is a very inspiring and nurturing sight.  We saw a father bird briefly come, visit and leave.  The mother bird did leave briefly, but returned and has stayed – like Horton the Elephant on its nest – and stayed!

Nature sighting right at home - Bird nesting

Sometimes you don’t need to go hiking to see nature. This bird has been nesting on our patio in a grill basket for several days. When it left briefly, we saw two eggs.

We wondered why it was so noisy outside our window!  The bird was obviously being territorial, protecting its nest and eggs.

We're not going to be grilling soon - the two eggs nesting on our patio look too fragile!

Two eggs nesting on our grill basket. We’re waiting to see the baby birds.

Obviously, we won’t be grilling for a while.

We’ll keep people posted on what happens!