Getting healthy is not easy! If it were, everyone would be slim, trim and live to be 100!

The “Original” Couch Potato knows the struggles – and the successes. Join us and share as the Couch Potato offers strategies, hiking adventures, tips for healthy living (including delicious, easy recipes), plus laughs, inspiration and motivation for a healthier life. We can all benefit and have fun!

Hiking Couch Potato

Hiking Adventures

Life is an adventure, so start yours with a hike. You’ll see nature, test yourself a bit, and breathe a little deeper. Getting away and taking time to relax in nature is a great way to start your healthy new approach to life!


United States National Park Service

National Park Adventures

What a resource we have in our National Parks System! From world-class views like the Grand Canyon, to waterfalls at Yosemite, to buffalo (and they do roam!) at Yellowstone, to iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, we have a place to hike, explore and expand our minds while stretching our bodies. We’ve been to many of them, but there are many more…


Hiking gear for the Couch Potato

Gear Recommendations

What you need, what we suggest, where you might find the sources of things that are essential and helpful for hikers. And, of course, our books and “stuff.”


Couch Potato Tips on Living Healthy

Healthy Living Tips

Learning as we go, we share ideas that make your life healthier both on and off the trail. Did you know that you should take half your weight, change the number to ounces and that is how much water you should probably be drinking daily? On a challenging hike, break it down into smaller, manageable chunks (10 steps!) and it won’t seem so hard. And more – have any tips to share – please do!


Healthy recipes for the Couch Potato

Healthy Recipes

Use healthy ingredients to nourish your body – both on a hike and while at home. With our recipes, we’ll make them simple so you can have more time to get out on the trail and enjoy your life. Easy recipes can also be delicious – and we’ll share what we’ve liked. Have any to contribute?


Couch Potatoes need motivation


Motivation – it’s the single hardest thing to create. You can’t pay for it and you have to provide it for yourself. So, let’s share strategies to make the hard things easier and the easier things fun. Getting healthier can happen! And, having a laugh along the way is always appreciated! (Bad puns allowed!)