Who is the “Original” Couch Potato?

The Original Couch Potato on the trail

The “Original” Couch Potato is Shelley Gillespie, an Arizona Newspapers Award-winning journalist, who overcame a sedentary lifestyle by becoming an avid hiker and outdoor explorer.

Shelley also holds an MS in Educational Administration, a BA in English and has taught people of all ages, from small children up to adults. Her book, Hiking for the Couch Potato: A Guide for the Exercise-Challenged, is a humorous resource for adults who would like to become more active. She is also the author of Hiking for the Couch Potato Kid: Birds, Bugs, Butterflies and Other Beasties, a children’s book she was encouraged (begged really) by a nutritionist to write. Since writing the books, Shelley and her Couch Potato alter ego have partnered with schools, who have faced such deep cuts in their budgets that many no longer offer physical education classes, and other organizations to provide interactive workshops to encourage more physical activity for children.

The Couch Potato looks for the easiest way to do things while achieving the best possible result. Whether it’s hiking, exploring new places, cooking, networking, or just enjoying scenery, the Couch Potato looks for the very best in life. We created this site so that we could share those things with you and we hope you will share in return!


Health at the Heathman

Check out the “Original” Couch Potato as she discusses some important tips about health and daily water consumption at the recent “Health at the Heathman” symposium at Portland’s Heathman Hotel.

Find out more about our interactive workshops. Or, for direct inquiries on Couch Potato speaking engagements or volume purchases of the book, send email to: info@forthecouchpotato.com